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8 grafische Positionen

In 1988, Edition Block issued Aus Australien, a portfolio of prints consisting of forty sheets by eight Australian artists. The project resulted from curator René Block’s interest and involvement in the Australian art scene. As the German coordinator of the Biennale of Sydney in 1984 and 1986, Block was introduced to the local scene, which he later introduced to Berlin in the exhibition Fünf vom Fünften at the daad-Galerie in 1986. A portfolio of prints was already being contemplated at that time and it appeared two years later. In addition to the artists in the exhibition – Richard Dunn, John Lethbridge, Mike Parr, Peter Tyndall and Ken Unsworth – invitations were extended to John Nixon, Vivienne Shark-LeWitt and Jenny Watson. Each created a suite of five sheets in classic techniques of woodcut, etching, stone lithography and silkscreen, which were printed at the Viridian Press in Melbourne.

KP Brehmer
Real Kapital – Produktion

An exhibition commemorating the 20th anniversary of the artist’s death and on the occasion of the release of the monograph Real Capital – Production (Raven Row and Koenig Books, London 2017).

Nevin Aladağ, Halil Altındere, Ayşe Erkmen, Gülsün Karamustafa, Aydan Murtezaoğlu, Ebru Özseçen, Sarkis, Bülent Şangar, Nasan Tur

Since 2002 Edition Block publishes continually multiples and prints in collaboration with Turkish artists. These editions will be shown for the first time in the context of the two identically and contemporaneous exhibitions İSİMSİZ (Edition Block 13.9. – 4.11.) and OHNE TITEL (Zilberman Galerie Istanbul, 13.9. – 4.11.). A catalog was created to accompany the exhibition with a text by Eva Scharrer.

The year 2017 will mark the 75th anniversary of the massacre of Lidice that was committed by the National Socialists. In commemoration of this incident the two previous Lidice exhibitions »Hommage à Lidice« (1967) and »Pro Lidice« (1997) will be continued by a third project »Remember Lidice« (2015). In response to an appeal issued in 1967 by Sir Barnett Stross, head of the “Lidice-shall-live” committee, René Block invited, both in 1967 and 1997, young artists that were representative of the current German art scene to donate a work for a museum to be built in Lidice. The resulting collection distinguishes itself by high artistic quality and a cross section of the respective contemporary art production. For the project »Remember Lidice« artists have been invited for the third time to donate works for Lidice. With this chapter, the frame of reference will once more be broadened: What started out as a German-Czech issue with the contributions of 21 West-German artists in 1967 (»Hommage à Lidice«), and continued in 1997 as a project of a united Germany with contributions from 31 artists (»Pro Lidice«), will in 2015 become an international subject matter, with the participation of 44 international artists. The wish to expand the collection in Lidice, which is currently exhibited in the former community centre now reconstructed as a museum, by the newly donated works is meant to be a renewed gesture of solidarity. Beginning in September, the works will successively be collected in the exhibition space of Edition Block and can be seen there until February 2016. The once completed collection will also be shown at the Kunsthalle Mannheim before it will officially be handed over to Lidice.



Dauer der Ausstellung: 01.Mai. – 25.Juli 2015


Foto: Uwe Walter, Berlin


Exhibition duration: until April 10th, 2015


Endre Tót, �Minimal Rain“ from the series �Very Special Rainy Postcards“, (1971-1976, 1980)


Ayşe Erkmen Multiples 1995 – 2014
Duration: 15.09.2014 – 29.11.2014


© Edition Block, Foto: Uwe Walter.


Ayşe Erkmen, Aquarelldrucke, 2014
© Edition Block, Foto: Uwe Walter.


© Edition Block, Foto: Uwe Walter.


Grafik des Kapitalistischen Realismus
with early prints by
KP Brehmer
KH Hödicke
Konrad Lueg
Sigmar Polke
Gerhard Richter
Wolf Vostell
Duration: 15.09.2014 – 29.11.2014


© Edition Block, Foto: Uwe Walter.


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